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Sta. Rosa Garden Plaza

DDC LAND is not just into home development, but it is also committed to enrich every family’s lifestyle.
With GARDEN PLAZA MALL, DDC LAND changed the landscape of home development.
GARDEN PLAZA is a two-level mall, situated in a 5.8 hectare multi-phase commercial development, with 8,800 sq.m of existing retail, dining, personal wellness and entertainment space.
DDC Land offers an excellent business opportunity. If you are looking for the most strategic place for your business, Garden Plaza is your best choice.

Reason #1: Great Location

GARDEN PLAZA is the latest major commercial development in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. It has a relaxing ambiance that will surely satisfy every mall goers. The four-lane road is also a sight and gratifying experience for the motorist.
GARDEN PLAZA is situated in the central location relative to the other malls in the area. Making it the first choice for mall goers who would like to avoid traffic and other inconvenience. It is surrounded with schools that is sure to generate volume of foot traffic.

Some of the schools in the vicinity:

• Maranatha Academy
• Laguna Eastern Academy
• Holy Rosary Institute Academy
• Colegio De Sta. Rosa De Lima
• Our Lady of Beautiful Love Playschool
• Central 1, 2, and 3 school
• Science High School
• APEX High School
• JTEN School
• Canosa School
• PUP College
GARDEN PLAZA will further expand to include industrial and institutional facilities as part of its development. This expansion includes office and residential buildings that will open up new opportunities and markets for the businesses in the area.

Reason #2: The Overflowing Market
GARDEN PLAZA is at the heart of thriving city of Sta. Rosa. Home to various residential developments that guarantees sufficient patrons.

Sta. Rosa: Emerging City in Southern Luzon

• Population of Garden Villas as of July 2012 is 21,000 and has grown up to 32,000 last 2015.
• Total population in the immediate vicinity ALONE as of July 2012 is 119,819 and has grown up to more than 130,000 as of 2015 and is expected to grow more this year.

Sta. Rosa: Facts and Figures

• Annual population growth estimated at 6 – 8%.
• 50% of the population ages 15 – 40 are within the productive age group.
• 91.5% employment rate in the immediate vicinity.
• Literacy rate of 98%.

A mall inside the village… only at Sta. Rosa Garden Villas.
Shop. Dine. Have fun.
All these under one roof at GARDEN PLAZA.

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