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How to Acquire a Property

Here is the list of requirements needed to reserve a unit with DDC Land, Inc.:

For Locally-employed Individuals
2pcs. VALID IDs with picture and signature - Photocopy
1 x 1 ID Picture - 4 copies
Certificate of Employment with Breakdown of Compensation - Original copy
Latest 1-month pay slip
Proof of Billing (must be under Buyer`s Name)
Income Tax Return (with buyer`s signature or TIN card)
Community Tax Certificate / CEDULA (current year)
Marriage contract (if married)
Birth Certificate (if single)
         For the members of the PAG-IBIG Overseas Program (POP)
            Photocopy of Passport (all pages)
            2 valid IDs with signature each for the principal Buyer and Attorney-In-Fact
            4 copies of 1 x 1 ID picture
            Original copy of Contract of Employment
            Photocopy of Proof of Billing (must be under Buyer`s name or immediate family name)
            Community Tax Certificate of Attorney-In-Fact for the current year)
            Marriage Contract (if married)
            Birth Certificate (if single)
         For registration of the property under a Business`s Name
           Business Permit
           DTI Registration
           Income Statement
           Business Income Tax Return
           Auditor`s Report 

  • Total Contract Price:
    Reservation Fee:
    Payable months:

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