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- What is DDC Land, Inc.?

DDC Land, Inc. registered as Dry Dock Corporation at the Securities and Exchange Commission, is formerly a dry docking company. DDC Land, Inc. then expanded from its dry docking interests to focus its core competencies on real estate development.

Since its establishment, DDC Land has now become one of the top real estate developers in the National Capital Region known for its signature township development concept that has transcended across various lifestyle and home segments. DDC Land, Inc. has built its reputation in real estate industry as a provider of durable, cost-efficient, and delicately-planned houses and communities. Attestations to these are the awards, and citations given by various local and international organizations, and the company being consistently recognized by the PAG-IBIG FUND for its outstanding performance in the real estate industry.

- What are the projects of DDC Land, Inc.?

Among DDC Land, Inc.'s projects is Santa Rosa Garden Villas, a sprawling 80 hectare land property which takes pride of being the largest home development in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Sta. Rosa Garden Villas, includes a mall named Garden Plaza within its 5.8 hectare multi-phase commercial development.

DDC Land, Inc. took the signature township development concept of Sta. Rosa Garden Villas up several notches with its properties in North Dasma Garden Villas, and South Dasma Garden Villas. As the company continues to expand its horizons, DDC Land, Inc. is set to build other properties, and communities in the various parts of Laguna, and Cavite.

- Where is your company located?

DDC Land, Inc.'s Head Office is located at 101 Marbella I Condominium, Roxas Blvd., Pasay City. We also have Field Offices in Sta. Rosa Garden Villas, Brgy. Malusak, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, and in North Dasma Garden Villas in Molino-Paliparan Rd., Brgy. Salawag, Dasmarinas, Cavite.

- How do you build your units?

We take pride of building our houses through concrete pouring, or "buhos" technology. With this, we assure you that our units are of optimum strength, and durability.

- What are the payment schemes I can avail for my home purchase with DDC Land, Inc.?

You can avail DDC Land, Inc.'s properties through the three kinds of payment schemes we offer: Cash payment, PAG-IBIG Financing, and Bank Financing.

- What are the requirements needed if I'd like to acquire a property with DDC Land, Inc. through PAG-IBIG Financing?

Here is the list of requirements you need to accomplish to acquire a property with DDC Land, Inc. through a PAG-IBIG Housing Loan:

• 2pcs. VALID IDs with picture and signature - Photocopy
• 1 x 1 ID Picture - 4 copies
• Certificate of Employment with Breakdown of Compensation - Original copy
• Latest 1-month pay slip
• Proof of Billing (must be under Buyer's Name)
• Income Tax Return (with buyer's signature or TIN card)
• Community Tax Certificate / CEDULA (current year)
• Marriage contract (if married)
• Birth Certificate (if single)

- I am an OFW. How can I apply for a PAG-IBIG Housing Loan?

Pag-IBIG offers an Overseas Program for all OFWs. To qualify for that program, you must have paid your membership contribution for 24 months. The following are the other requirements needed for you to acquire a property with DDC Land through the Pag-IBIG Overseas Program (POP):

• Photocopy of Passport (all pages)
• 2 valid IDs with signature each for the Principal Buyer and Attorney-In-Fact
• 4 copies of 1 x 1 ID picture
• Original copy of Contract of Employment
• Photocopy of Proof of Billing (must be under Buyer's name or immediate family name)
• Community Tax Certificate of Attorney-In-Fact for the current year)
• Marriage Contract (if married)
• Birth Certificate (if single)

- I would like to avail a LOT ONLY unit in one of your projects. Are there any guidelines/processes involved as to the construction of a house on that lot?

The construction of a house on the LOT ONLY unit is bound to some regulations. We will need to have a copy the plan and design of the house you will be constructing. Those will then be subject to our Planning and Design Department's approval. Upon approval, and completion of other requirements, you can then proceed to the construction of the house on the LOT ONLY unit.

- Are the prices of your unit negotiable?

The prices of our units are negotiable in terms that if you pay in cash, and in full, you will be given a discount from the package price of your chosen unit/s.

  • Total Contract Price:
    Reservation Fee:
    Payable months:

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